Handmade Notebook/手工自制笔记本: Compass Journey /指南针的旅程

Handmade Notebook/手工自制笔记本: Rural city /农村城市

Handmade Notebook/手工自制笔记本: Tree monster /怪树

Tree monster (Straw Rope Cross-stitch Style) Handmade Notebook by ada leow

Handmade Notebook /手工自制笔记本 (white-string backstitch Style) :Two Hearts/两颗心

Two Hearts (String Backstitch Style) Handmade Blank Notebook by ada leow

Handmade Notebook/手工自制笔记本(Straw Rope Backstitch Style): Two Hearts/两颗心

by ada leow

Two Hearts (Straw Rope Backstitch Style) Handmade Notebook by ada leow

Works 作品

Art cards and Badges

Art works. Art prints and badges 作品。 艺术打印 和 徽章

Cre·a·tion 创作

design by ada leow

<If > If I’m a sailor a pilot or a diver i’m able to go to the central of the world what would i see If and what if what would it be <如果> 如果我 是航海员 是飞行员 或是潜水员 能到世界的中心点 会看到什么呢 如果 还有 如果 那是什么

Looking 看

< Looking > I think I’m really addicted using ink 《 看 》 我想 我用墨 用上瘾了 ^_^

View from National Library 望出图书馆

Recently I’ve been using ink and brush to do some of my illustrations. I love the simpleness that was created using brush and ink. 最近,尝试用墨来作画。 我爱上用墨呈现出来的那种干脆与简单的图画。